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Wednesday the 23rd of June
What: Thrasher Magazine and Volcom will present a hammer session contest event in Copenhagen featuring an 8,000 dollar cash prize, a double set, a flaming Volcom stone, and a treacherous leap of doom. This event is being hosted by Jake Phelps.
DJs Include: Simon LeBon (Den Sorte Skole) & Chonny Jazz.
Location: Amager Strandpark, Station 3
Time: 20:00

Thursday the 24th of June
What: Girl and Anti Hero will be wrapping up their European Beauty & The Beast tour with a demo at Copenhagen’s new cement skatepark. This event will include Danish hotdogs, freezing beers, and plenty of good times.
DJs include: Nicky Guerrero and Tue Track
Location: Jägers skatepark – Gentofte
Time: 17:00

Friday the 25th of June
What: It’s a grand Copenhagen Pro tradition to roast a wild boar among friends and blazing fires to welcome travelers to Copenhagen.
DJs Include: RubADub Sound-System and PAW PAW
Location: CPH Skatepark
Time: From 22:00 - 04:00

Saturday the 26th of June
What: CPH PRO 2010 street qualifiers and Vert competition followed by a backyard party with live acts including Ghost Society, Booty Cologne, Timbuktu with Big Band and Specktors.
DJs include: Pato, Eggers, and Faggot Fairies
Location: CPH SKATEPARK secret palmgarden
Time: From 18:00 - 04:00

Sunday the 27th of June
What: Sunday will feature the Street finals and the Cliche Best Trick contest.
DJs include: Both events include special Sunday Brunch hosted by Master Fatman and his Lindberg Hemmer Foundation jazz band. The prize ceremony will follow and will be hosted by Master Fatman and his famous Favela Chics.
After-party at Kødboderne 18 featuring a Special Ghetto Booty Line Up



Enghavevej 80

There are many ways to get into the city from Copenhagen Airport, you can:
Grab a cab which will take you about 25 minutes depending on the traffic and will cost you approximately 160 dkr( tip included)
or take the train which will take you about 20 minutes and will cost you 20 dkr if you buy tickets before you get on the train.
or make a move for our newly buildt Metro wich is the fastest way to get into the city(15 minutes) and costs 20 dkr.
10 us dollars gives you 47 dkr. When youre in the city everything is in skating distance and its easy to get around!.

Cheap Accomodation:
The hotel Cabinn- Very basic, 10 minutes from the skatepark. Rooms from 545.-
Mitchellsgade 14
0045 33 46 16 16

The Absalon Hotel-just 5 minutes from the skatepark in the vesterbro area where you can find dirty beer bars and some really nice cafés. Rooms from 674.-
Helgolandsgade 15
Telefon: +45 33 31 43 44
Hotel Nebo-just 5 minutes from the skatepark also in the vesterbro area. Rooms from 646.-

Not so cheap accomodation:
First hotel Vesterbro- a really nice hotel in the middle of the city only 500 meters from the train station and 5 minutes from the skatepark. Rooms from 1395.-
How to find the hotel
P: +45 33 78 80 00
F: +45 33 78 80 80

There´s a lot to choose from when you are hungry in Copenhagen, here are a few that we keep going back to:

For traditonal Danish style smørrebrød get a cab to NYHAVN and ask for the best danish lunch. There are a dozen of oldschool lunch restuarants set on a 200 year old canal in the middle of the city. They all serve the traditonal ryebread open sandwiches with strong beer and snaps to go with it.

Lé lé caf- Laid back atmosphere in this family owned french bistro. Dig your teeth into a juicy steak and homemade fries. If you´re not into meat go for the fantastic moules-frite!!
Adress: Vesterbrogade 56,Kbh-V, tlf: 33 22 71 34, 12-22

Det indiske spisehus- A super authenthic indian restaurant with a lamb rogan josh to die for.
Adress: vesterfælledvej 8, kbh v tlf: 33219080 17-22

Sticks n´sushi- A cool and chilled out place in the heart of Vesterbro where you can indulge raw fish,salty sticks and excellent japaneese beer for a fair price.
Adress: Istedgade 62, kbh-v tlf:33 23 73 04 11.30-22

Pak Ka- Cheap but excellent chinese food.
Adress: Halmtorvet 36, kbh-v 70232888

Night Life:
Copenhagen in the summer is the place to be and there are loads of different places and ways to get a good buzz going:

Vega -A great nightclub in three levels with different dj´s and live acts every weekend. Go to the top floor and find The Lounge, allways good Dj´s and great vibes!.
Adress: Enghavevej 40 tlf: 33 25 70 11

Boutique Lize -Mojito Master! Cocktails at it´s best.
Adress: Enghave Plads 6 København V tlf: 33 31 15 60

Flisen - The one and only place in Copenhagen where you can skate straight to the bar. Vertskater Thomas Madsens old bar.
Adress: Ingerslevsgade 200 kbh-v

Riesen- Cool little place where you´re still allowed to smoke. Indie music and german beer.
Adress: Oehlenschlægersgade 36 Kbh V tlf. 33230734

Simpelt V- A chilled out bar that takes you back to the 70´s with old sofas and orange carpets..Smoking is still allowed.
Adress: Istedgade 96 Kbh V Tlf: 33 25 26 11

Darling - Nice bar that serves cocktails, beers and a bite to eat if you get hungry from all the drinking. Dj on fridays and saturdays. Smoking still allowed.
Adress: Enghave Plads 9 Tlf: 33 31 84 19

Copenhagen casino- If you want to spend all your prize money this is a good place to do it.
Adress: Amager Boulevard 70
2300 København S, www.casinocopenhagen.dk
Phone: 0045 3396 5965

Things you don´t want to miss when you are here,

Christiania- Big hippie community, not what it once was, as the government are trying to make the hippies normal but still a very interesting place to visit.
There´s a good music scene there and if the coppers have their day off,it´s also a good place to buy your weed..

Modern Art Museum- Get cracking with some wicked art installations or go there to have a cup of coffe and just pretend you´re being cultural. The arcitecture on its own is well worth the trip.
The roundtower- If you want to get a good view of our beautiful city, the only way is up. Oh and the land you see on the other side of the water is Sweden..

The canalboat tours- A supersweet way to see Copenhagen from the ocean. There are a few cool spots where you can hop off to sunbath and have a drink and then catch the next boat. Go to Nyhavn buy some beers and hop on.

Money exchange:
You´ll be best off to go to a proper bank rather than an exchange bureau.
If you´ve got a Visa just go to a hole in the wall and cash out your kroners.
You can pay with a Visa in most shops and bars and you can always ask for some cash back, it´s free of charge.

When you grab a cab you don´t need to tip as it´s always included but if you feel that the drive was extra smooth then it´s up to you how much. In restaurants it´s always good to leave a little tip depending on where you go and how good the service is, everything from 10 dkr is fine.

All around Copenhagen you´ll be able to find citybikes.
Theese bikes are not the best of bikes but they will take you around the city and it´s free of charge. All you´ve got to do is put a 20dkr coin in and when you´ve had enough, you take it back where you got it and get your 20dkr back. Easy peasy.
You can also rent proper bikes at:
Adress: Cykelbørsen Gothersgade 157 - 1123 KBH K - Phone: 0045 3314 0717

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