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"iv only worn this shoe for 5 years"

andy peace on 4/26/2022 6:45:12 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: keep making these guy i live in them i would love to see the all GREEN!!! ones come back i never got my hands on them and regret it and also the all brown the earthy tone shoes are a huge win in my opinion no one else dose them and the fit and waterproof features are so good for people that love the outdoors and nature bring back the swampy colour :D :D

"Bring Back The Brown"

Alex L on 4/9/2022 9:48:57 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: The Brown colored boots are so awesome. Please bring them back!! I was weary them while constructing fence and somehow got a big hole torn into the side. I would very much like to replace them in the Brown color!! Please ease ease bring them back!!!

"Much needed!!"

Jose cast on 2/15/2022 11:41:27 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Bring back the all brown militia boots and the black and gargoyle colored ones to.. Real stylish shoe . Comfortable ASF..( just gotta tuck in the laces or else you'll find yourself eating the floor.. )


Brendon Diniz on 2/8/2022 10:30:47 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Please add camel 10,5 size... PLEASE 10,5... YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN. CAMEL 10,5 SIZE... I WANT PUT IT IN MY FOOT. GIVE ME THAT. 10,5 SIZE BRO...

"i would recommend that you waterproof"

simon gorelik on 1/5/2022 8:48:51 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: I am using the awesome boots while I am delivering packages for amazon. I usually waterproof all my new shoes but this time i wanted to see if they are really waterproof. they are not. at all, so I recommend you waterproof spray them. they are comfortable and very stylish.

"Dvs militia"

Dee kay on 8/14/2021 6:49:29 PM

Sizing: Full Size to Large


"Best shoes ever owned"

Derek Thompson on 6/23/2021 1:10:49 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Best shoes I’ve ever owned. Durable. Fair priced. Last forever. Always get noticed and complimented

"Great shoes! But can't find a new pair in camo!"

Ivan sheridan on 4/27/2021 9:52:11 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Please make more black/grey camo style militia snow boots (with size 13 uk) ,some of the best shoes I ever bought I have worn mine nearly 2 years now and need some new ones only because they are looking old and wrecked now but I can't find them anywhere!

"Let's get some 11.5 made.."

Jose Castanon on 12/15/2020 7:55:54 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: I got the olive. But no chamois in 11.5 . C'mon guys. This. Real talk tho.. it's a real good shoe..


John on 11/8/2020 2:20:33 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Could you get more size 11 please and thank you 🙏 it would be much appreciated this winter ❄️ where I live.

"Id buy them again"

Joe on 11/2/2020 11:44:22 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: I have two pairs, they're a good shoe to skate board in.

"Very happy!"

Colin on 10/27/2020 12:11:33 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: Just got a black pair in the mail. They fit perfectly and are better looking than I had anticipated. The tongue is stitched into the shoe 3/4 of the way up so these should work well in the snow.

"High tops"

Cindy Sandau on 8/19/2020 3:10:50 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: I have been ordering westridge , kJ snow and other snow skate high tops for my 3 now adult sons for years, every year. My sons need high tops as sSkateboarding and genes have caused them to need more ankle support. I’m not happy that I have to find a new brand as these are no longer available with you. Your high tops were great and the best brand I’ve found in about 20 years. I’m frustrated with your decision to discontinue. I wish you would make a feasible decision to provide a product I can buy again. I’m sad over this.

"dvs militia boots"

dvs junkie on 7/16/2020 10:11:47 PM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: i had several pairs of these boots not only are they super clean for just kicking it. i wear them on jobsites and never had a problem of them not being steeltoe. only problem i had was all the construction workers are jealous of my shoes.

"What's the deal"

Cathey Ketchem on 6/18/2020 11:45:03 AM

Sizing: True to Size

Comments: What's the deal man. How come these only come in big sizes? I would love a pair of these in women's 5

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