A few selfie clips of Cody Mcentire at his home park just weeks after undergoing surgery for a recent broken arm.

Stoked to see you ripping Cody!!

We all know Brad McClain is a transition destroyer, but ever wonder what wheels he’s on?
Check this new edit filmed by Jared Lucas that answers that exact question.

The afternoon of April 11th was full of action for Next Up Foundation! DVS Team members Walker Ryan, Norman Woods, Mike Berdis, Josh Gomez, Sierra Fellers, and Aubree James dropped by our local Anaheim park for a private skate session with Next Up students. Then we went inside our headquarters for an exclusive premier of ‘ACTIVE Park Crashers’ video and some Q and A. Our students learned a lot more about the career of a pro skater and what it’s like to be on the DVS team. Prizes and good vibes were tossed around all day, and everyone went home happy! We want to send a big shout out to the whole DVS Team and Key Street for coming and making a difference over here at Next Up in Anaheim.